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Minutes of March 3, 2016

Submitted by jbd on Tue, 03/22/2016 - 23:07

Chris D Koufos – 2016 President
Doug Towle – 2018 Vice President
Carole Soule – 2017 Secretary
Cindy Shea – 2016 Member
Bruce Dawson – 2017 - Member

Chris D. Koufos, Doug Towle, Cindy Shea, Bruce Dawson, Carole Soule
Because Chris Koufos was late, Doug Towle chaired the meeting

Meeting called to order at 7PM

Old Business

  1. Minutes from the February 4, 2016 meeting were accepted with changes.
  2. An Instagram account was setup and login information shared with the board.
  3. Website maintenance was discussed. A meeting (where internet access is available) will be setup so that board members can update the website. It was requested that Cindy's Ledger articles be posted on the website. Cindy will try to locate them.
  4. Grants and fund raising.
    • The NH Mini Grant was submitted to partially pay for two chicken workshops.
    • The “Hands On Chicken Processing Workshop” will be June 11th. The secretary will set up a Constant Contact registration form for participants. Payment will be by check sent to Cindy Shea who will document payments and give the funds to the Town for disbursement. The workshop will be publicized in the Loudon Ledger and through the Ag Commission newsletter.
    • Chris Koufos will continue to investigate a solar workshop
  5. The board reviewed the warrant articles related to the definition of farming and felt it was appropriate to support. The proposed Senate Bill 345 was discussed as well.
  6. The President will prepare a Loudon Ledger piece about gardening including the concept of planting a row to donate to the food pantry.
  7. Chris Koufos and Doug Towle will man a “booth” at the March Town Meeting. Residents can sign up on our email list. We will bring Town Farm map flyers, a banner and a newly designed questionnaire including the survey just sent out.


New Business

  • A resident complained about farm smells. Chris Koufos will follow up.
  • Carole Soule will send out a newsletter which references the UNH Extension Service workshop to be held on Sunday.
  • Anne Banks from the Pittsfield School wanted the Commission to present at their career day. The board declined. The Secretary will send a message to Ms. Banks.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.