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Minutes of 11 January, 2012

Submitted by jbd on Thu, 02/09/2012 - 14:53


  • Larry Moore
  • Melissa Moore
  • Carole Soule
  • Bruce Dawson
  • Earl Tuson

Minutes from the November, 2011 meeting were reviewed and accepted.
Today's meeting started at 7:15pm
Old Business

  1. Brochure Discussion
    • Cathy Hayes sent request to be included in Brochure with $25 to Selectmen.
    • QR codes - if not enough space will not include them.
    • Melissa received a printing quote from Fed Ex for 6.8/copy 5000/$735 or .14 per copy
      Carole Moved to accept Fed Ex quote for 5,000 double sided - may not need color on the second side, motion passed.
    • Each member will contact 5-6 farms:
      1. Earl Tuscon:
        Lyon Berry Farm, Bill Brown, Meadow Ledge, Moonshine Frm Organics
      2. Carole/Bruce:
        Our Place Farm, Pearl, Poppurri Acres, Sanborn Mills, Lianna
      3. Moores
        Asnive, B&B, DS Cole, Hilltop Feed, Ledgeview
  2. Email is
  3. March 24-25 is Maple Weekend so brochure should be distributed before then and should be ready for the printer by the end of February
  4. The board can approve $500 payment for graphic designer after the designer (Cory) has generated an invoice.
    A PDF version is needed for the Website

New Business

  1. Annual Report for Town Meeting is needed. (See report)
  2. Carole and Bruce attended "Root Skills" workshop sponsored by New England Grassroots Fund (NEGEF). They recommended it to other members if the workshop is offered again
  3. The brochures can be distributed before Maple weekend if we get them before March 1. We can:
    • mail the brochures
    • distribute them at Winter Farmers' Markets
    • give to Loudon Realtors
    • Target healthy Living Networks
    • At the race track (Melissa will ask the track gift shop)
    • Press releases:
      • Laconia Citizen
      • Deerfield Forum
      • Manchester Union Leader
  4. Website - we need an Ag Commission logo - but could use the Town Seal with logo

Meeting adjorned at 8:30pm moved by Earl Tuscon seconded by Carole Soule