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Updated Farm Map

Submitted by jbd on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 20:41

The Loudon Agriculture Commission has received a grant to help promote farming in Loudon. Part of this grant is to build either a physical or online profile of farms so others can see the importance and scope of how farming effects our town.

Concurrently, the Loudon Historical Society is looking for historical information on farms and farming families from our town for their upcoming Loudon History book.

The Agriculture Commission would like to partner with the Historical Society and see if we can collect a brief history of the farms in our area.

Although you may feel that your farm’s history is well known, we ask that you take just a few minutes to write down what you know about the history of your farm. How long has it been a farm? Who originally farmed it? Was it used for something else at one time? These are just a few questions to get you started. Please provide any historical information you wish.

For our purposes, the age of your farm doesn’t matter. Neither does how long you have been farming. We still want to know your history (however brief).

You are welcome to add what you raise or grow on your farm as well as contact information if you would like the public to be aware of who you are, what you sell and where they can buy your products.

Historical information will be shared with Roger Maxfield and the Historical Society to be included as part of the History of Loudon book.

While we are still reviewing the final concept of the farm map, outputs may include a tri-fold map like our Loudon Farm map but with more historical information and/or an online interactive map that will provide a brief history of the farms in Loudon.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the history of farming in Loudon by sharing your own farming histories with us.

We know summer is here and everyone is busy. If possible, please have your write ups to us no later than August 1st. You can send them to

Thank you and happy farming!