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Minutes for May 3, 2018

Submitted by jbd on Tue, 05/01/2018 - 23:37

Loudon Agricultural Commission

Minutes of May 3, 2018

Members: President: Doug Towle, Vice-President: Carole Soule, Secretary: Bruce Dawson, Treasurer: Cindy Shea

Attendees: Colin Cabot (host), Doug Towle, Carole Soule, Bruce Dawson, Cindy Shea, Roger Maxfield, Bruce Maxfield, 

Called to order at 6:59 pm (after a tour of the campus of Sanborn Mills Farm).

Old Business

  1. The minutes of April 5, 2018 were accepted as amended.
  2. The treasurer reported that we had $1672.13 in our town account (confirmed by Brenda Pearl at the town's office). This amount does not include the $1000 from the NH Department of Agriculture Mini-Grant.
  3. Workshops - We will do the October 6, 2018 workshops regardless of the grants. There was a lot of attendance the last time we did this.
  4. Fund Raising
    1. The group acknowledged that our primary funding comes from grants.
    2. The group passed a resolution to allow Doug and Bruce as authorized signers for the NH Dept. of Ag. Mini-Grant.
  5. Web Site and Social Media - Bruce indicated that secure access (https://) works for, but not for; he is working on this.
  6. Newsletter - Carole produced at least one newsletter in April, and will produce one in May.
  7. Farm Map and Outreach - Cindy will write up something and Carole will send it out in the Newsletter. Bruce will create an interactive map with some historical links.
  8. Filing/Mail/Other Old Business - none.

New Business

  1. 2023 is the 150th anniversary of the town of Loudon. As farmers, we may want to contribute in some way.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:59pm.


Very late for this season but probably not for the fall but would the Agricultural committee possibly along with the historical society be interested in having a good old fashioned horse drawn plowing match?  Th Granite State Draft horse and Pony assn. Has several active members who plow and a few who do competitively.  Interested in talking about it?


Larry Stone

Stoneboat Farm