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Minutes of December 7, 2017

Submitted by jbd on Thu, 12/07/2017 - 20:47

Loudon Agriculture Commission
Minutes of December 7, 2017


Doug Towle: President
Chris Koufos: Vice-President
Bruce Dawson: Secretary
Cindy Shea: Treasurer

Attendees: Bruce Dawson, Cindy Shea, Carole Soule, Doug Towle

Called to order at 7:04 pm

Old Business

  1. The minutes from the November 2, 2017 meeting were approved as amended.
  2. Treasurer's report: There was no financial activity this past month.
  3. Workshops for 2018
    1. All workshop activities will be deferred to January 2018.
  4. Grants and Fund Raising
    1. Reviewed the NH Ag Development Grant report and it will be submitted by Carole.
  5. Websites and Social Media -
    1. Things were significantly quieter this past month.
  6. Newsletter
    1. Carole asked about sending out a note about "Websites for Farmers and Small Businesses" meeting at the Chichester Library. We agreed she could. Carole indicated we might be interested in a series of Farmer Geek workshops.
    2. Cindy suggested we post an article about a one-time Farmer Market on December 14, sponsored by MCCD.
  7. The Master Plan / Planning Board - No report. This will be dropped from the agenda in future meetings since there has been no activity in a year.
  8. The Loudon Ledger/Farm Map - the new one is in the current Loudon Ledger.
  9. Filing
    1. Doug purchased a filing cabinet at an estate sale for $20.
    2. Its now in Charlie's Barn.
    3. The President and Secretary will have the keys to it.
    4. Doug will send an invoice for his expense to Cindy.
    5. Bruce will create the following folders and fill them: Minutes, Grants, Mail/E-Mail, others as needed.
  10. Other Old Business - None

New Business

  1. Discussed Paul Branscombe's request to present a group-insurance idea for farmers at a meeting. We don't think there will be enough people to be worth his while, so Cindy will send him a note. We can let our people know about his presentation.
  2. We discussed additional meeting venues: Maxwell Library, and Sanborn Farms.
  3. Elect new officers:
    1. President: Doug Towle
    2. Vice-President: Carole Soule
    3. Treasurer: Cindy Shea
    4. Secretary: Bruce Dawson
  4. Carole will write up the annual Town Report for the commission.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:46 pm.