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Minutes of July 6, 2017

Submitted by jbd on Mon, 07/17/2017 - 12:54

Loudon Agriculture Commission
Minutes of July 6, 2017


Doug Towle: President
Chris Koufos: Vice-President
Bruce Dawson: Secretary
Cindy Shea: Treasurer

Attendees: Bruce Dawson, Carole Soule, Kay Doyon, Doug Towle

Called to order at 7:00pm

Old Business

  1. The minutes from the June 1, 2017 meeting were accepted.
  2. Treasurer's report: No report. (Treasurer absent from this meeting.) However, Kay indicated that Cindy submitted $45 to Brenda for one chicken.
  3.  Action Item status from last meeting:
    • Kay: Worked on details of the rabbit workshop.
    • Carole: Talked to NEGREF about map money.
  4. Workshops for 2017
    1. There will be 2 rabbit workshops (Tuesday and Saturday); Saturday will be the butchering workshop only, with a maximum of 6 people. The Rabbit Raising workshop will be 26 Sep 2017 between 7 and 8 pm and is $5/pp. The Rabbit Butchering Workshop will be 30 Sep 2017 with signups the previous evening at $45/pp. Kay will contact Dot Perkins. (Note: The dates in this paragraph reflect emails after the meeting because there was some confusion during the meeting if Kay's husband will be able to help on the meeting dates.)

    2. Another possible workshop is greenhouses.

  5. Grants and Fund Raising
    1. Carole talked to NEGREF about map money.
  6. Websites and Social Media - No significant activities. The website has been updated.
  7. Newsletter
    1. Carole will issue one with workshop information.
  8. The Master Plan / Planning Board - No report.
  9. The Loudon Ledger/Farm Map 
    1. Bruce finally talked to Osborne, who indicated they had no public transactions on their farm and thus don't need/want to be on the farm map.
  10. Filing
    1. A filing cabinet is needed for the new Town Hall.
  11. Other Old Business - none.

New Business

  1. Should we do anything about/like the Barnstead Open Farm Day?
  2. What about a Greenhouses workshop?

Action Items

  1. Bruce Dawson will:
    1. Put the rabbit and soap making workshop on the website​
  2. Carole Soule will:
    1. Add workshops to the newsletter
    2. Set up workshop registrations
  3. Doug Towle will:
    1. Check with Chris on the "black box" that has all of our prior meeting information in it - it needs to go in the town hall (in our "new" filing cabinet).

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm; reopened at 7:40 to discuss rabbit workshop dates, and closed about 7:45pm.